Free, no-hassle VPN networking for everyone.

Canyon enables you to build virtual private networks that work just like a physical LAN in seconds. Transfer files, play LAN games with no overhead, and securely chat with your friends, everywhere.

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Canyon VPN creates a virtual LAN network between you and your friends that works as if you were connected physically. You can play games, send files, securely chat with your friends, and more.

Zero configuration

Forget about port forwarding, static IPs, NATs or firewalls. Canyon does all the hard work for you.

Easy to use

Your friends are tied to your account so you won't have to configure your network every time you reinstall Canyon or are using a different device.


Canyon works across a wide range of hardware and software, out of the box.

High performance

Canyon adds virtually no overhead to your network, compared to a physical LAN. And because it is so lightweight it won't hog your CPU either.


Canyon was developed from the ground up with security in mind. Your data packets are encrypted between your peers and our servers.

Designed for gaming

With Canyon you can play most LAN-compatible games, including Minecraft, with no added lag.